No Headaches!

The Transition To MED-BILL Can Be Seamless!

Imagine for a moment a Health Care Professional who treats and loves their patients, and their patient’s love their provider. The patients look forward to seeing their providers without having to wait for a long period of time. They do not want to wait while the office staff may be on the phone answering billing questions for another patient. The patients want to provide their information, see their provider, check out and NOT have to worry about or deal with billing issues that follow their visit with inaccuracies/questions and untimely billing statements.

With MED-BILL “ALL” billing inquires no longer come to the practice, we take care of that and “ELIMINATE” phone calls to the practice about billing issues.

Your office staff can “TAKE CARE OF YOUR PATIENTS”.

We are HIPAA compliant, and ready to handle your entire billing function. Outsourcing is not the answer for every practice, but if you are not getting the return you expect, we may be able to help. Pricing is determined by an analysis of the current status of your practice.

Patient balances now make up 23% of a practice's A/R. This means it is crucial to collect from patients at time of service.

Advantages/Expectations of Utilizing Med-Bill

Cost Savings Realized By Practice Outsourcing

Other Benefits Realized By Outsourcing

Is Hiring A Billing Service The Right Decision For Your Practice?

The following questions can be helpful in assessing your current situation and identifying key decision points:

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from outsourcing your billing.

The Bottom Line

The relationships we develop with Doctors, Front Desk Staff, and Office Managers are our strongest assets. Every person in our business model is important to achieve the success our client expects. We so enjoy using our “Southern Charm” to create smiles in every associate and practice contact in doing our job.